Universal Experience

Food is our common ground, a universal experience.

– James Beard


5 thoughts on “Universal Experience

  1. Well said! I’m lookimg forward to see more posts on your blog. I’m very interested in good, local produce, organic food and healthy living. My goal is to grow most of my food myself within the next five years. We’ll see, there’s a long way there 🙂

    1. Thanks! Growing your own food is an impressive and worthwhile goal in my opinion. 🙂 What kinds of things do you grow now, or want to start with?

      I’m thinking of starting really, really small – like a pot of mint small, haha. I have a black thumb – or I guess I should say, had! – and have historically killed pretty much every plant I’ve owned. (One day I plan on writing a humorous little post about how I killed my first cactus plant.)

      1. Right now we grow oyster mushrooms, strawberries, grapes, and salad. Oyster Mushrooms are super easy to grow and you get a lot of food fast 😉

        1. Interesting! Salad greens and strawberries were already on my list of things to try, but your vote of confidence might have put oyster mushrooms on the list!

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